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If you find that the story line you are following has gotten away from you please visit the archives The stories are not written chronologically and many are incomplete. We have been deciphering and attempting to sort through various versions of each point to provide the purest and least contradictory telling of events.

In order to do this we have used a day system counting days from the time the Rileys arrived in Landing. We feel safe in assuming that the total number of days Will be under 1,000 but we continue to find new information and stories, even in files and papers that have already been indexed. I now know why this project has been picked up and set aside by a variety of grad students after Professor Smith disappeared.

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I'm always looking for artists to help draw the comic. I have several un-presented story arcs and far too many pages already posted that are just roughs. I'm still doing what I can, but life intrudes. Going to the archive and looking at the '(rough)' comics will give a good idea what an artist would have to work from. I'll provide the rough and script.

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