CuteThulhu Characters

Shub N. Riley Ni` Gareth is a simple, stay-at-home mom. While her husband Professor R'lyeh is hard at work at the local university she holds down the homefront. She cooks, cleans and handles the homes fincances, leaving a trail of bill collectors and delivery people in her well hipped wake.

Cutethulhu R'lyeh is a simple high school girl.
Mary Wu
Granny Mary
Mary Wu is Mable's 'Granny'. She comes to Landing with the task of training Mable in the Wu family's martial art of Black Sword. Mary is confident and spry for her age. She seems to know what is going on around the town, even though she has only visited occasionally, and often makes very astute suggestions that seem to get Mable and her friends into a good deal of trouble.

Roland is a bit of a loner with his other classmmates except for Sarah, Cutethulhu, and Mabel. He does have some friends in the school, but he is not terribly close with them. Roland has an affinity with machines. He is fascinated and toys with strange Rube Goldberg devices, engines, pumps and motors.
Mabel Wu
Mabel Wu
Mabel is in intense traing in her grandmother's family style of martial arts known as 'Black Sword'. She has studied a 'recreational' form Tai Chi since childhood under her mother. Mabel is a opinionated prude in many things and finds it difficult to see the point of view or others. Her friendships with the morally 'loose' Sarah and the sometimes apathetic Cutethulhu is trying for her and often drives Mabel to distraction. Roland is the most reliable of her friends in matters of right and wrong.
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